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"Our mission is to direct each child towards meeting his or her own needs within a prepared environment that encourages independence, respect, and self-sufficiency.

Our goal is to create for each child within a nuturing enviroment overseen by AMI trained staff - a philosophy of learning which will enable him or her to confront higher conceptions and meet the needs of development as well as provide as education for life".

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Upper Elementary Class celebrates Visiting Day and World Book Day

     On Tuesday, Sept. 30th, the Upper Elementary welcomed parents and guests to their class for Visiting Day. The class chose to give a presentation about "World Book Day" to their distinguished visitors.

     "World Book Day" is also known as "International Day of the Book" and is traditionally celebrated on April 23rd. It is organized by the United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), to promote reading, publishing and copyrights. 

     Each member of the Upper Elementary Class selected a favorite character from a book. Guests were invited to guess each character the students were portraying.  Winners of the guessing game received a Montessori t-shirt for their prize.



 Primary Coffee Chat- September 18, 2014

      Thank you to the participants of our Primary Coffee Chat! We discussed what it feels like for the children to follow their inner path through work choices in the environment. 

      We discussed the Absorbent Mind of the young child and learned that the child forms his/her own mind through impressions and experiences in the environment. We talked about the mental activity that happens first to build intelligence. When the muscles are ready, they begin to move (crawling). As a result of language being spoken in the environment, the child absorbs this language without anyone teaching him/her. 

      Maria Montessori stated that the child follows through Sensitive Periods of development- Language, Order, Movement, Refinement of the Senses, Manners and Social Graces.

      Through working in the prepared environment, the child lives his life according to these laws of development and is offered the opportunity to work according to his/her inner urges.

     We touched on the Planes of Development, specifically the ages of 0-6 and realized that at this time, the young child is going through the most growth of his/her entire lifetime. The intelligence is being formed as he/she constructs the mind. As a result of movement, the child will use this knowledge concretely as he/she clarifies and classifies through the use of the hands.

      The Primary Montessori Environment meets all of the needs of the young child as he/she works through the areas of Practical life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics.


-Ms. Jayna

Hot Lunches are back!


Starting the week of September 30th, hot lunches will return to
Montessori Children's House of Hyde Park.

We will use two vendors for our optional hot lunch program.


On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, students will be able to enjoy meals from Wholesome Tummies Cafe. Click on the link here for details on how to order from their website.
Click here to see October's menu. 


On Thursdays, students will be able to enjoy delicious meals from Evos.
Click here to see details on how to order from Evos website.



Last year's uniforms are still available in limited quantities.

Please contact Ms. Carol at assistantmch@gmail.com

 with a list of items and sizes desired. We will let you know if
item is available and send it home for your child to try on. 

Checks and cash only please. 


September 18, 2014


Dear Parents,


      Welcome back to what promises to be a wonderful school year! We have great anticipation of what is to come.

     Together, Montessori Directresses, students, Administrative Staff and parents all make our strong MCH family. We appreciate the support of our new families as well as the continued collaboration of our returning families. Children, parents, and staff are committed to the forthcoming school year as we strive to achieve our aspirations through the Montessori environment. Lets's all commit a splendid school year, as we strive to accomplish and achieve great things. 

     Throughout the year, I look forward to meeting all members of our parent community. Dont' forget we have a superb Parent Organization already planning the year's activities. Members of the Parent Organization will be reaching out to you shortly.

     A few reminders to make our year go smoothly. Please help us to be exemplary neighbors with the traffic and parking around us. Our new neighbors hope to be moved in by October. Please remember that the alley is a two-way road. Children must be seated behind the driver to maintain the safety of all. 

     Clubs have begun this week as well as our physical education on Wednesdays with our coach, Mr. Sam. Be sure to dress your children in the proper required uniforms as the uniform code will be strictly enforced.

     Check the website and calendar regularly for updates. The staff have put a lot of time and energy getting ready for the year and we look forward to sharing it with you. 




Calendar for the 2014- 2015 School Year


Click here for a .pdf file of our calendar.