Sunken Gardens – Lower Elementary Field Trip

Sunken Gardens - Lower Elementary Field Trip

Dear Parents - attached are a few pictures from last week’s Sunken Gardens Field Trip.  It was so evident that the children thoroughly enjoyed this event, and we look forward to more next school year.  We’d like to especially thank our parent drivers, without whom this trip would have been extremely difficult.
During the tour, one of our students was able to wonderfully answer “why do flamingos stand on one foot?”.   “Because, if they raised both feet, they couldn’t stand”.
We had a great tour, a fun lunch and even a special close encounter with Mindy (out of her cage) and her keeper.  That was a special treat, and we were told it was due to the outstanding nature of our well-behaved students!
Ms. Cornie also informed me that the students were given a quiz today, and despite the weekend, the students had an absorbent mind and did very well about various facts regarding Sunken Gardens.

Sunken Gardens

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