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MCH Faculty

MCH Faculty

Carla Esteva Beloso

MCH Faculty

MCH Faculty

MCH Faculty


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Celebrating Over 20 Years of Excellence

Ms. Jayna, Director of Academics, A.M.I.

  • MCH Directress since 2003
  • Montessori Training Center of St. Louis (3-6 A.M.I. Degree)
  • BS - University of Missouri

Ms. Jayna discovered A.M.I. Montessori when she enrolled her two young daughters in a highly regarded A.M.I. school in the St. Louis area.  After witnessing the effects of the Montessori method on her own children, she has devoted her career to guiding other children through the Montessori process.  In addition to her Montessori enthusiasm, Ms. Jayna and her husband, Mr. Chuck, enjoy living on the inter-coastal waterway in South St. Petersburg, where their favorite activities include fishing, boating, and exploring the many beaches of Florida.

Ms. Sarah, Primary Directress, A.M.I.

  • MCH Directress since 1998
  • Montessori Training Center of St. Louis (3-6 A.M.I. Degree)

Ms. Sarah has been a devoted Directress at The Montessori Children's House of Hyde Park for 20 years.  Her friendly smile, endless energy, and lighthearted attitude makes her very popular with the children.  Ms. Sarah is happily married and the proud mother of two children.  When she is not in the classroom, she enjoys spending time with her family, scuba diving, horseback riding, quilting, and partaking in church activities.



Ms. Kendy, Primary Directress, A.M.I.

  • MCH Primary Classroom Directress since 2019
  • MCH Primary Classroom Assistant 2014 -2019
  • BA - Government World Affairs - University of Tampa
  • A.M.I. Certification - Completion, 2019
  • MS - Montessori Education - Loyola University - Maryland (est. Summer 2020)

Ms. Kendy has dedicated her career to making a positive impact in the lives of children.  She is passionate about her role as classroom assistant in our Primary class and regularly offers her time to host our extended care program.  Outside of the classroom, Ms. Kendy enjoys reading, volunteering and spending time with her family.  She also loves to travel and experience new foods and cultures.

Ms. Carla, Lower Elementary Class Directress, A.M.I.

  • MCH Directress since 2019
  • Montessori Institute of San Diego - California (6-9, 9-12 A.M.I. Degree)
  • BS - Elementary Education - University of Madrid

Ms. Carla believes that teaching is not just about imparting education, but truly mentoring young minds.  She is enthusiastic and empathetic, while also responsible and organized.  She has proven expertise in lesson planning, classroom management, assessment and evaluation of elementary Montessori students.  Outside of the classroom, Ms. Carla, enjoys boating and reading and has recently learned how to sew. 


Ms. Bauer, Upper Elementary Directress, A.M.I.

  • Montessori Directress since 2014
  • Washington Montessori Institute (6-9, 9-12 A.M.I. Degree)
  • MS - Montessori Education - Loyola University - Maryland
  • MBA - Marketing Research - University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • BS - Marketing - University of Wisconsin - Madison

Ms. Bauer is a highly qualified teacher in the state of Florida and we are proud to have her in our Montessori family.  She has taught in the Tampa area, as well as at schools in Casablanca, Morocco and Paris, France.  She loves snorkeling to see the beauty in the sea.  Whenever she can, Ms. Bauer likes traveling internationally to learn about cultures, food and people.  When Ms. Bauer isn't traveling, she enjoys reading about adventures.

Ms. Chamali, Primary & Lower Elementary Classroom Assistant

  • MCH Lower Elementary Classroom Assistant since 2014
  • Good Shepherd Maria Montessori Training Centre, Colombo, Sri Lanka (3-6 A.M.I. Degree)

Ms. Chamali  was born and raised in Sri Lanka.  She loves to watch children grow and learn new skills.  Prior to relocating to Tampa in 2014, Ms. Chamali worked as the head Directress, teaching children ages 3-6, at Good Shepherd Convent in Kandy, Sri Lanka.



Ms. Lisa, Primary Classroom Assistant

  • BA - Elementary Education - University of South Florida
  • Primary and Elementary Teacher in Tampa since 2012
  • Executive Director - The Little Book Bus

Ms. Lisa is very excited to be joining our Montessori family and is eager to begin working on her A.M.I. certification.  In addition to being a classroom assistant, she will also be running our extended care program.  Outside of the classroom, Ms. Lisa enjoys working with her hands and creating new things.  She also loves a good book, getting outside and discovering new adventures with her son.