Suggested Reading

Montessori Suggested Reading

  • Montessori Today- Paula Polk Lillard (focuses on Montessori philosophy)
  • Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius- Angeline Lillard,Ph.D (focuses on Montessori as compared to other educational methods and research)
  • The Discovery of the Child- Maria Montessori (focuses on Montessori philosophy)
  • The Essential Montessori- Elizabeth Hainstock (focuses on Montessori overview)
  • Montessori- A Modern Approach – Paula Polk Lillard (focuses on Montessori ages 3-6)
  • Montessori in the Classroom- Paula Polk Lillard (focuses on Montessori elementary)
  • The Montessori Controversy- John Chattin-McNichols (focuses on comparison with other methods)
  • The Pink What?- DeDe Stephenson (focuses on Montessori materials- available from school)