Summary of Primary Coffee Chat- October 8, 2015


On Thursday, Oct. 8, we enjoyed a Morning Coffee Chat with Ms. Sarah.
The topic of discussion was Learning to Read in the Montessori Primary Environment. We discussed assessment and the use of Montessori materials in learning to read. 

First, vocablulary/language ability is assessed when they enter our environment.
We introduce I Spy/Sound games, Sandpaper letters, and the Moveable Alphabet nomenclature material. These exercises lead to total reading. We offer the child a full understanding of what he is reading and the “finer shades” of meaning of words. It is a result of all of the exercises in this area that the children learn to read.

These exercises are simply a KEY given to the child, a key which he will use to enter the wide field of reading. The exercises offer striking impressions that help his mind to become more aware of the importance of each word in the sentence. Example: It is not only the meaning of every single word, but also the importance of the position of each word in the phrase or sentence. (Function of Word Exercises)

The series of Exercises in the Function of Word area show the function of each part of speech. Reading generally begins by giving one word, then two words, then three words. (We do not give the name of the part of speech at this level.) Reading therefore becomes introduction to grammar.

Functional Reading Exercises are grouped around the noun and the verb, with the noun learned first. Other reading exercises were described such as: Phonetic Object Box- one word, The Article Game, Object Box 1, Object Box 2- Phonograms, Puzzle words, Function of Words lessons: article, adjective, noun, conjunction, preposition, verb, adverb, and Sentence Analysis.

Thank you to all who were able to attend our chat.

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